"Your voice is like velvet; real smooth and convincing"

"You have a unique skill that feels the pulse of any audience and adapts to their mood, on the spot."

"You speak and read just like they teach on Sesame Street, with perfect diction."

"Your voice is like a warm, fuzzy blanket that you can cuddle up with at night."

"I think your voice made my couch move."

"I know that your talented voice on my system will encourage more business from incoming callers because one of my callers asked me...Who does your voice-mail?  It's the best voice I've ever heard on one of these systems."

"You have that certain voice that was meant for show business."

"Good God you have a hell of a voice. I am serious, you should be doing every ad out there."

"Thanks for the swell demo. We just about had to change our clothes after listening to the "Jesus" clip. We really enjoyed it!"

"After we got your levels during sound check, we actually tried to make you sound bad, but I don't think it's possible."

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