About Will Rosser

Will Rosser is an Award-Winning Professional Voice Over, Actor,  Narrator, Live Announcer (VOG) and Spokesperson with 20 years experience performing for a broad range of media and audiences:

    - Commercials for TV, Radio & Internet
    - Narration & Documentaries 
    - Government & Corporate Multimedia
    - Website Advertising
    - Training and Education Videos
    - Proposal Videos
    - Trade Show Videos
    - Point of Sale Videos
    - Promotional Videos
    - "How To" Videos
    - Computer Based Training (CBTs)
    - Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
    - Voice-Mail Systems
    - Video News Releases
    - High Profile Live Events, Awards Galas and Ceremonies

Will Rosser's interest in "the biz" began in commercials, early as a young boy where he would ask his mom how "that lady" got so lucky to come out of the store just when the cameras got there to find out why she chose that brand of detergent. Later, he asked how it was possible that all the company owners on the radio talking about their products or services had such good voices. Since age 14, when his voice developed, he had a distinct sound that caused people to take notice. People would say things like, "When you grow up, you've gotta get on the radio".  Later as an adult, they would say, "You must work in radio with a voice like that, right"? During his college years, a drama teacher said, "You have to do something with your voice". He said, "I am.  I'm joining the Marine Corps, where I'll be barking those cadences"! Not quite what she had in mind, but Rosser was compelled to serve his country.  He graduated from Drexel University with a B.S. in marketing and was commissioned as a Marine Corps Officer.

After 10 years as a U.S. Marine stationed around the world, Will was promoted to Captain and assigned to the 'Showplace of the Corps', Marine Barracks, Washington, DC. where the Pentagon's "brass" and members of congress visited regularly.  During this highly visible 'spotlight' assignment, people liked Rosser's unique sound quality, polished professionalism and performance style. When he wasn't marching in the Sunset and Evening Parades, he was narrating them.

For 3 years, he was the White House announcer at President Clinton's press conferences, holiday parties, first lady teas, bill signings, and 'Heads of State' dinners. Simultaneously, Will began promoting himself as a voice talent with casting agencies and clients. In 1994, Will was introduced to Ed Yoe, the Executive Producer of Artist Services Incorporated. As a Marine escort at the Horatio Alger Awards ceremony, he handed his demo tape to one of Ed's staff. A few weeks later, Ed left a voice mail message, "Will Rosser! Who are you? What have you done? I heard your tape! I love your voice! Give me a call!" He became ASI's "top announcer" at their prestigious awards dinners, galas & ceremonies in New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington, DC and across the U.S.A.

He continues to perform for a wide range of recorded and live productions that call for a VOICE, and more importantly the creative talent and interpretive skills to emotionally connect with the chosen audience...whether it's a TV, Radio, or Web commercial, a documentary, a training or educational video, a sales video, or as live announcer and narrator at a high-end awards gala at prestigious venues and hotels, where everybody is dressed "to the nines".

If you are looking for a voice over guy with lots of experience, yet approaches each script with fresh energy, contact Will.

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